LWS-300FK  laser welding

LWS-300FK laser welding
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Energy is the energy of the negative feedback control of the laser power waveform of the waveform of the desired output and the actual output of the pump in real time to determine the amount of energy injected into the lamp , and thus a method to control the output energy .

In order to maintain a stable and good working condition, reduce product defect rate , requires laser energy and wave with good reproducibility , and the energy of negative feedback control is an effective means to solve this problem .

• using real-time laser power feedback control system , excluding laser instability due to power fluctuations , temperature changes , and other problems caused by xenon lamp aging , to ensure the machine is not capable of long- run energy attenuation

• using optical fiber output , easy to implement any angle welding , which enables remote welding robot is also convenient , lines and other equipment with the work ;

• After the laser fiber through the spot becomes more uniform and stable , improved weld quality ;

• Laser programmable waveform , using different waveforms for different welding materials , in order to maximize the effect of improving the output laser welding , can be adjusted to set 32 waveform , the waveform can be displayed in real time on the touch screen ;

• the use of touch-screen control , the use of more humane ; welding speed , small deformation ;